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We are a team of professional electricians based here in Las Vegas. We have been serving the good people of Las Vegas, for the past 40 years now. We serve in and around the Las Vegas area, and are known for our quality work. We are a dedicated team working to provide you the best services in town. With our exceptional services we have won the hearts of many residents and businesses in town.

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When it comes to testing our team of professionals makes sure that the electrical installations we provide are safe in both home and commercial premises. Our qualified and experienced electricians are more than capable to run a full electricity testing service. During a full check up our professionals will check for any any new work that might be required to bring your electrical system up to code provided by the state law. Many old homes and businesses are still running on old wiring and have not yet been upgraded to new codes, such premises are deemed to be unsafe; and our services can help you get back in the safe zone.

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Over the years we have seen home and property owners take electricity for granted, and specially in older properties where wiring needs to be redone by a professional electrician. People forget easily that their property might be run on outdated cabling, that is not covered by insurance. As each and every regulation is not followed, there is a chance things might go wrong. Which is why we offer a full rewiring service for both commercial and residential properties. As old wiring can cause electric shocks and fires.


With rewiring we offer a full fuse box upgrade, it will enhance the safety of your electronics used on the property. After every upgrade or fixes, our team member will run a full electrical check to ensure that everything is safe and sound. In addition to that, we offer lighting installation services for home and commercial properties. Our team will carefully design the interior and exterior lighting your property requires, to enhance the surrounding areas. This will help you save money and energy.


We work on a “no surprise” and “higher standards” policy system. So when you hire our services you feel secure, that your property is in the hand of professionals. We work hard to ensure that our technicians have perfect credentials, something we would look for when hiring someone for work. To ensure our no surprise, and higher standard policy is intact all our technicians are tested for drugs, to ensure that do not make any mistakes on the job. Furthermore, we run an extensive background check on our technicians, so we are absolutely certain that we are offering you a peace of mind when sending them to your property.


All our technicians receive advanced technical training, so they are well experienced, equipped, and trained to handle various scenarios. With their industry certification, we are sure that the services we are offering are of high quality standards. So no matter if you are a residential owner, or a business owner your electrical work is in safe hands with us.


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