24 Hour Emergency Services


We offer emergency services, where our aim is to get to you in a matter of an hour or less. We know it is urgent when you call us in for an emergency service, which is why we do our best to be there as soon as we can. When you call on our 24/7 emergency hotline, you will be redirected to our customer service representative; who will ask you to provide a few personal details, along with a general idea of the services you require. This information helps us to better equip ourselves to deal with your emergency situation. Our emergency services include, but are not limited to:


Generators - our professional technicians are fully trained to handle any grade of generator, as our services cover home and commercial grade generator repair services. We can help you set up a new generator, check its installation, working, and capacity. Our team of professionals can tell you exactly how much load should you be putting on your generator, and check the appliances you are running on it. From installation to repair we can handle anything.


Lighting - is a very important factor, its importance is only felt when we are sitting in a blackout. Our emergency services cover, installation, repair, replacement of lights found in and around your property. Lighting is not only essential indoors, it is also essential outdoors as it give you a perfect view of who is coming your way. Our experienced technicians can further assist you in lighting design, and help you choose the right kind of lighting; that is not only energy efficient but also cost efficient.


Home Safety Check - as our electricity runs behind the walls we are oblivious to what is going on, calling in a professional to check your wiring system can help create a sense of protection. Knowing all your electrical work is in order and up to code can save you thousands of dollars in the future. Home safety check will be done by our certified inspector, who will thoroughly examine each electrical outlet in your home. If during the checkup the inspector finds any issues, he/she will be more than happy to fix it for you.


Whole House Surge Protection - we offer a whole house surge protection to ensure each and every appliance in use will not cause issues when there is a spike in voltage. A surge protector will help limit the voltage that is being supplied to your appliance, and ensure that it will work without any issues.

ARC-Fault Breakers - will be installed by our professionals to ensure that the circuit is broken when there is any danger. If the circuit is broken in time it can prevent an electrical fire. Our team of professionals will be more than happy to provide you with an ARC-fault breaker to ensure your and your family’s safety.


Smoke Detectors - is an easily overlooked safety precaution in your home. A professionally installed smoke detector will never fail you, it will sense smoke in seconds; and set off an alarm to alert you. Our emergency services include installing, repairing, and replacing your smoke detectors.


Outlets - one of the most common source of fire are outlets that have not been installed properly. Which is why we have well trained our team to run a check, repair, and replace anything that can cause for an outlet to backfire. A single outlet dysfunction can cause a huge electrical fire.


Ceiling Fans - with global warming on the rise, there is a necessary need for ceiling fans. Our emergency services cover installation, repair, and replacement of ceiling fans. When not installed properly a ceiling fan tends to fall or spark. As code requires for all electrical work to be present inside the walls, we will provide you with a ceiling fan installation according to code.


Meter Bases - it is essential that your meter base is installed correctly and as per code requirements. Our professionals are updated with every city safety code requirements and are capable of moving, installing, and repairing your meter base.


Overhead & Underground Services - are required to be done by a professional who has the knowledge and resources to perform the job accordingly. Lucky for you, our team of professionals can be there in an hour to take care of all your overhead and underground services.


Breakers and Fuses - it is no secret that breaker and fuses are a huge fire hazard when not working properly. Which is why it is essential to call in a professional at once if you feel the breaker and fuse is not working properly.


Outlets and Switches - we do not feel any job in too big or small for us, especially as we work in the electrical business. Even a small outlet or switch dysfunction can cause trouble. Which is why we cover repair, installation, and safety check on all outlets and switches in your home or office.


New Wiring for Appliances - it is essential that before plugging in new appliances you should check if your current electricity can handle it. Our professional inspector can check your electrical thoroughly to ensure that any and all appliances used inside and outside the premises can run without any problem.


Electric Water Heaters - with our emergency services you will have your electric water heater installed or repaired in no time for you to start using it.


Hot Tubs & Spa’s - if you are ready to install or repair your hot tub and spa, we are ready to provide our services. A professionally installed hot tub and spa wiring will ensure that no problems arise when you start using your hot tub and spa. Once our technician has completed all the electrical work required, you can start enjoying your hot tub and spa.


Track Lighting - is a great additional feature that helps create a sense of design, while enhancing the lighting of the room. Our electricians can help you install, repair, and replace your track lighting system while making sure it is running perfectly. With our emergency track lighting services, your space will be ready to use in no time.

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